Mirror, mirror on my walls: which colour is the best of all?


Image from mackenziehoran.com

Lately I’ve been pondering covering my living room wall entirely in mirror.  Doubling the size of the room and bouncing extra light into every corner, mirror panels are a relatively inexpensive way to create impact and add drama to a space.  Vast expanses of mirror can look harsh, so I will be softening the look by layering furniture, art and accessories in front (as shown above).


Image from silverwoodinteriors.com

The entry to your home is also a great place for mirror, bringing light to a sometimes small and dark space.  I love attaching wall sconces to mirrored walls, treating a neglected area to even more light and drama.  Just watch the feng shui, you want to be directing those positive vibes the right way!


Image source unknown.

Mirror comes in a variety of colours and finishes.  Silver is a colour that everyone will be familiar with and is perfect for contemporary spaces.  Grey and bronze are great colour choices to create a moodier effect.  The image above shows how bronze mirror can warm a space and add a touch of glamour.


Image from thelennox.com

A popular and favourite finish of mine is the antiqued effect.  No two mirrors will be the same because artisans use a variety of interesting techniques to achieve the look.  The mirror can become an artwork in itself.  I find antiqued mirror adds such an interesting element to most interiors, sitting happily in the most glamourous rooms as well as amongst traditional antique furniture.

It’s a big decision, so just like a new paint colour, getting in mirror samples to see how they look in the space first is the best first step.

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